When the Musica Elettronica Viva group was founded in Rome (in an old iron
foundry in Trastevere) in 1966, Frederic Rzewski declared he would never
play the piano again…
Instead he had a 60x40cm piece of glass cut in the shape of a grand piano
(seen from above); to this he attached contact microphones and place this on
a small 4 legged  object.  His screeching, scratching and drumming on this
fantastic instrument gave the MEV group a most distinct sound. My concept is
to present a similar glass object which instead of being played on, will itself
play as music is emerging by magic from this glass…
To recall the 50 anniversary of this renowned group who helped to make "live-
electronic-music" a world-wide artistic movement.
ALVIN CURRAN (USA/Italy). American composer born in 1938, widely
considered one of the key figures of the experimental music of the past 50
Co-founder with Frederic Rzewski and Richard Teitelbaum, of MEV-Musica
Elettronica Viva, one of the first and most important improvisation ensemble
in contemporary context. Democratic, irreverent and “traditionally”
experimental, Curran makes music for different occasions. Composition,
improvisation, sound research, installations, performance of small, large and
very large scale, radio works: every field of sound research has been touched
by Alvin Curran during a fifty years career.
His music embraces all the contradictions (composition / improvisation, tone /
atonality, maximalism / minimalism) in a meeting increasingly vital and
Resident in Rome since 1966 and equally divided between Italy and the US
over the next decades, Curran was also, until 2006, professor of music at
Mills College in California.

from Wednesday, November 25 to Saturday, December 5 - from 15 to 19
Sunday and Monday Closed
OPENING : Tuesday, November 24, at 19.00