The artist re-creates, for VISITAZIONI and for the space of MUSPAC, its
sonic workshop, a space to cross and explore, a place to live through

Antonio De Luca is a painter and sound sculptor. He lives in Salento.
His research crosses the borders of various languages, from painting to
sculpture, from public art projects to the creation of sculptures and sound
The listening practices, the attention to the place and the context and the
relational procedural approach are elements that characterize his work.
He combines his artistic activity with the design and care of the artistic
trans-disciplinary interventions.
Since 1996 he creates sculptures and sound installations using natural
elements and recycled materials (water, wind, iron, stone, steel and
recycled materials).
He explores the sounds of matter and place, in a work that correlates the
relationship between sound, form, material and sound space, relating to
the more complex issues of the World Soundscape Project and sound

For info :
   Saturday, November 29, at 19,00  
   from Saturday 19 to Sunday, November 20, 18,00 to 21,00 h