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The site-specific installation by Claudia Hajek initiates a multilayered
dialogue between metal sheets and  the architectural environment.
Cross-shaped, precisely located aluminum sheets of several meters
length cut through the original architcture and generate new perspectives.
Light, colours, movements, and reflections stimulate a dynamic
interaction between the visitor and the space.
Claudia Hajek´s  aluminium sheets serve as loudspeakers for the music
performance by Werner Durand.
The sounds of his saxophone are transmitted by  contact loudspeakers
attached to the sheets. Contact microphones are picking up the
resonaces of the sheets and send the results to other  sheets and vice
versa . A complex setting of  various delay times. creates  a sound
environment where the  sounds of the saxophne gradually disappear and
only the resonances of the sheets remain.

Werner Durand and Claudia Hajek are two German artists active for
years in the fields of experimental and contemporary visual art & music.
The first is a musician whose primary inspiration is mainly linked to the
minimalist instances, but it is also the inventor of special wind
instruments; the second is a visual artist who works building surfaces
and metal volumes that come into relation, and in vibration, with the
Durand's sound waves.

For info & bios : wernerdurand.com + claudiahajek.de
   from Saturday 29 to Sunday, October 30, 18.00 to 21.00 h
   WERNER DURAND IN CONCERT Saturday, October 29, at 19,00