This work responds to the suggestions induced by the shape and volume of
the space of the Sala Santa Rita. The sound produced by a "woofer
speaker" generates vibrations according with the resonances of the
environment and that are transmitted to a system of laser lights. What
emerges is a kind of light-painting, through refraction and multiplication; a
redesigned version of the "sound of the site" in which the viewer can
immerse themselves.

PETRI KULJUNTAUSTA (Finland). Composer, musician, sound artist,
historian of electronic music. He has composed digital music for experimental
films, video art, visual art and dance. He has carried out projects and sound
installations in museums, galleries and concert halls. His works have been
performed in many European countries, in Australia, Mexico and the United
States. He has recorded for European, Australian and North American labels.
In 2005 he won the State Art, granted by the Finnish Government to the
nationally most distinguished artist.
His composition "Charm of Sounds", contained in a CD-rom kept inside the
spaceship Titan IVB / Centaur, after starting in 1997 from the Kennedy Space
Center, has reached, January 14, 2005, Titan , the Saturnís moon, after a
journey of 4,000 million kilometers in space, lasted eight years.
His activity as historian of experimental music of the Scandinavian countries
is documented in three books, the latest of which, ''First Wave'', on the history
of Finnish electronic music, was published in English in 2008.
In 2000 he worked at the City University of London, Department of Music /
Composition and currently teaches courses on Sound Art, Electronic Music
and Soundscape at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Theatre
Academy, Finland.

from Wednesday 14 to Saturday, October 24 - from 15 to 19
Sunday and Monday Closed
OPENING : Tuesday, October 13 at 19.00