Musician, sound artist.
From 2000 to 2002 he played improvised electro-acoustic music and, at the same time,
he sonorized the super 8 and 16mm films of various roman film-makers.
From the confluence of these experiences was born, in 2002, " Pensiero Cinematico"
interdisciplinary laboratory of visual, sound and theatrical craft.
From 2001 to 2003 he worked with "Curva Chiusa" with Alex Mendizabal and Chris Blazen
(bike concerts of music on the move), creating several songs.
In 2005 he recorded the project “Coincidenze” (impromptu improvising orchestra),
along with 15 other Roman artists. Other major events are: the concert "Live
Electronics" for the dance show "Il Sette lo conferma" inside Crack, an exhibition of
European comics in Rome and " Concerto d'Esso Stesso", a score of a film theorist
published in "sPaPs", a collection of theoretical concerts around the relationship between
music and soundscapes/environment.
From 2006 to 2008 he works in different areas of research related to the interaction
between sound, environment, vision. He takes part in the workshop of musical
improvisation at the “day care center” "L'Isola che c'č" and the event "Elastique, game
tensions between bodies and sound" (dance performance, music and video), at the
"Brancaleone" in Rome, curated by FestArte.
From 2006 to today he produces various sound installations, concerts and performances
of expanded cinema, including " Suoni Comuni/Elkar Rek" a week of meetings, concerts
and readings on the soundscape and ambient music, "Sgocciolatoio", sound installation
with water and light, made for the festival Ertz 07 to Arteleku, "Concerto Subacqueo" in
Bera and Lazkao, for the festival of new music Ertz and "LaberintOido," at the
international exhibition of sound installations "Tabakalera Suena", Donostia.
Since 2006 he is one of the principal authors of the "Cucinema" performance/cinema
craft workshop in which participants carry a hand-painted 16mm film  with soundtrack,
a set of projections of slides and a laboratory of hand-made pasta. At the end of the
day the collectively made film is projected while dining with pasta made ??in the same
From 2005 he produced musical workshops on building tools with materiaI recycled at
elementary, middle and high schools in Rome and day centers for people with disabilities
in the Castelli Romani.
Since 2010 he collaborated on the project "Natural_Mente" at the former Botanical
Garden of Genzano, where she gave birth to the "Parco dei Suoni (Park of Sounds)"
making a singing fountain inspired by a traditional Japanese instrument, the
Currently continues with the study of musical instruments powered by wind and water
(aeolian harps, gutters, Shishi-odoshi etc..).
© 2013 Alis

In this "acoustic" installation (which the title roughly translated stand AND AS I WOULD HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN NOT TO TELL YOU ...) a natural sound environment, (re)constructed by the artist in the form of path/game, will create the conditions to explore the theme of perception of what surrounds us and how man's attention can (and must) be "educated" back to the natural sound.

Photographs of Marcello Liberato by Asier Gogortza (lic. Creative Commons).