This work talk about the relationship between moving images and sound, and
is aimed at the creation of a complete sensory space, which communicates
with the architectural and unique acoustic environment of Sala Santa Rita. It
will be built through video projections and sound system; a series of
"perpetually changing paintings" that will permeate the space, almost in the
form of abstract paintings in motion.

ELIO MARTUSCIELLO (Italy). Born in Naples in 1959. Electroacoustic
composer, experimental musician and visual artist. He studied photography
with Mimmo Jodica and visual arts with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano
and Rosa Panaro. Self-taught musician, teaches Electroacoustic Music at the
Conservatory of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples.
His aesthetic composition derived from acousmatic instances, but in addition
he compose for traditional instruments and live electronics, build sound
installations, multimedia works, groups for improvisations in computer music.
He’s a founding member of the musical collectives IATO, IXEM and
BOWINDO, and a regular member of the groups OSSATURA, with Fabrizio
Spera and Luca Venitucci, SCHISMOPHONIA with Mike Cooper,
TAXONOMY with Graziano Lella and Roberto Fega, SPIRIT SONGS with
Mike Cooper, Michael Thieke,  Luca Venitucci and Fabrizio Spera.
He’s been Composer-in-Residence at the Centre National de Création
Musicale-GMEM (Groupe de Musique Expérimentale) of Marseille and, in
2000, at the Institut International de Musique de Electroacoustique Bourges

from Friday 18 to Saturday, September 26 - from 15 to 19
Sunday and Monday Closed
OPENING : Thursday, September 17 at 19.00