In this installation, there will be nine stations of "closed ears". Ear-plugs,
made of various materials, more similar to shells then to electronic ear muffs.
Each calibrated on particular resonances. A kind of collection of auditory
filters that make long, rich and varied the pathway to the silence. And that
reveal, inspire and make us guess the landscape around the Temple of
ALEX MENDIZABAL (Basque Country). Musician, researcher, sound artist.
He has written music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, carousel
instrumentalists, for stones, paper, choir, for geological movements, for
yourself and scores of less than a second.
In 1996 he decided, with difficulty, not to write more and is interested in
instruments building, sound spatialization, etc. 
He founded various formations including - Marching Band, Zine Animau,
Dissassociation United Ar, Trio Turco, Pensiero Cinematico, Figli di
Armonia, Monnezza sonora, Arione e gli Psilli ... He has worked with various
directors (Ken Jacobs, Bruce McClure, ......) and made blind films for years.
In 2001 he started, with Chris Blazen, the long process of Curva Chiusa
(sound sources in motion).
Join the Cucinema for a few years. He has given concerts and underwater
installations of various kinds. He has written and produced several operettas
(Marieta, Senecazaborra, Y ahora cómete tus stock options, Zuhaixkarinka,
Due o tre ahimè.. ).
In recent years he is particularly interested in sound beatings and did concerts
with more than 100 trumpets (300 in the case of the Festival Ertz 2012).
from Wednesday, September 23 to Friday, October 2 - from 8 to 18.30
Saturday and Sunday Closed
OPENING : Tuesday, September 22, at 19.00