FORMAT - Sound architectures, is a group of musicians who worked along two main lines
of research: on the one hand, the testing of materials with creative approaches that
technology, especially the poor, offers daily use; to the other they study the acoustic
environment and its modifications. The products of this activity are about a hundred of
sound installations, sound sculptures, performances, theoretical interventions and radio
broadcasts. In 1993 FORMAT dissolved.

Francesco Michi
He continues the production of installations developing in a personal way the thesis that
were in the group, participates in exhibitions and concerts, collaborates in the opening
of spaces for experimental art in Florence. Collaborates with theater groups composing
incidental music and sound installations stage.
In 1995 he founded and then directed, with Elsa Mersi, the International Festival of
Experimental Music INCONTRI MUSICANICI in Florence.
From 1998 to 2007 he was a member of the Steering Committee of the Cultural GAMO
Florence. Since 2009 he is the coordinator of Italian FKL ( Forum Klanglandschaft ),
International Association for the Soundscape.
Since 1999 he has also worked on music on the Web, both theoretically and designing
and implementing web-based music operations and holding workshops.
In 2000 he began working, with Albert Mayr, Luca Miti and Anton Roca, on the project
"Flow aestetic Bureau", with the aim of testing the forms and times for the enjoyment
of art and interactivity on the web.

Mechi Cena
Musician and writer of songs and radio stories. He wrote 25 episodes of " Tomografie
radiofoniche" for RadioUno and 12 episodes of the radio drama "Nel cuore delle tenebre"
of which he directed.
With Letizia Bolognesi and Francesco Michi he realizes 8 episodes on the subject of the
soundscape for "Orion" by RadioTre and an interview with R. Murray Shaefer. He is
member of the Forum fur Klanglandschaft (FKL) - forum for the soundscape, an
offshoot of the European World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.
Francesco Michi and Mechi Cena resume a close cooperation since 2005. In the field of
radio, for ReteDue CSR, they hosts two sets of the program "L’Essere Rumoroso". Then
they write and produce 180 episodes of "Suonetti", short transmission on the theme of
listening aesthetic of everyday sounds (2011-2012).
Both have begun to realize sound installations, participating in seminars, conferences
and giving lectures. In particular, they worked on the "site specific" sound installation
"Composizione Silenziosa” that was carried out on three occasions: at the EX3 gallery in
Florence, at the Museum "Casa Masaccio" in San Giovanni Valdarno and in Ljubljana as
part of the International Computer Music Conference 2012.
© 2013 Alis

There are sounds, in this world, that human beings cannot hear.
Silent Composition is a musical composition which is made using these kind of sounds; an
infrasonic composition. We cannot hear the music that the loudspeakers diffuse, but we
can take part of it in some different ways.

Let's hear with our eyes and our bones.
It is an normal experience, and yet rare.

This installation does not alter the soundscape of the site that hosts it, and is, to all
effects, music for the eyes.
in collaboration with
TEMPO REALE (Centro di ricerca produzione e didattica musicale)