Researcher, performer and eco/acoustic composer.
He has been developing his multidisciplinary project Fragments of Extinction for nearly
15 years, conducting field research in the world’s last remaining areas of primary
equatorial rainforest in the Amazon, Africa and Borneo. Monacchi is pioneering a new
compositional approach based on 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems to foster
discourse on the biodiversity crisis through music and sound-art installations.
His music has been broadcast internationally and performed in concerts and installations
since 1989, including at Kryptonale (Berlin), Nuova Consonanza, Tevereterno (Rome), La
Via Lattea (Lugano), Community Art Council (Vancouver), Nuit Blanche (Paris),
Dangerous Curve (Los Angeles), CNMAT (Berkeley), IEM (Graz), IMEB (Bourges),
Cinematek (Oslo), R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Ear to the Earth and the River to
River Festival (New York), Biennale (Venice), WFAE (Corfù), Balance-Unbalance
(Montreal), Palazzo Reale (Milano), Hochshule (Darmstadt).
Collaborations with visual artists include, Kristin Jones, Livia Cannella and Mimmo
Paladino. He has released 65 CDs as a recording engineer, performer and composer,
including: Prima Amazonia (Wild Sanctuary) and Eco-Acoustic Compositions (EMF Media).
Honors include prizes from the Multiple Sound Festival (Holland, 1993), Russolo-Pratella
Competition (Italy, 1996), Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland, 1996), Bourges
International Grand Prix of Electroacoustic Music (France, 2007 and 2008).
A Fulbright research fellow at UC-Berkeley in 2007 and an Erato-Farnesina fellow at the
World Soundscape Project in Vancouver in 1998, he has taught at the University of
Macerata for 10 years and is now professor of Electroacoustic Music at the Conservatorio
“G.Rossini” of Pesaro (Italy).
He is based in Italy and travels throughout the world for field research and for
presenting eco-acoustic composition and installation-art works, and gives lectures and
concerts in Europe and North America.
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Sound Portraits from the Equatorial Forests
The project "Fragments of Extinction" explores the ecosystems of the primary forests
through sophisticated three-dimensional sound recordings made in the Amazon, Borneo
and Africa, and  representing them to the public that, for the first time, can listen
those extraordinary soundscapes  in theri circadian cycle in high definition. (Download
here documents about the project)