Sound Art International Festival, 3rd edition
MUSPAC - Museo Sperimentale di Arte Contemporanea,
October-November 2016
Artistic Direction: Ass. Culturale PROPOSTE SONORE and
with the patronage of ABAQ- Accademia di Belle Arti

This third edition of VISITAZIONI, continuing in the footsteps of previous
Roman edition, wants to allow artists to create works specifically
designed for a place (or deeply adapted for). The site chosen for this
edition is the MUSPAC in L'Aquila, built and conducted by Enrico Sconci.
A place that, in its historical sites (the Quarto di S. Giusta, with
headquarters in Via Paganica, the new headquarters of Piazza d’Arti),
has been a reference point for expressions of artistic research in a
contemporary context and has hosted, over thirty years now, important
artists and events for the Italian scene.

VISITAZIONI is an exhibition of Sound Art. But what is Sound Art?
It is a term widely used to describe an artistic research environment, not
openly defined, where composers and artists (but also - to say - poets
and scholars) try to expand the limits of the "musical" creation (in a broad
sense, as the term forged over the last few decades). Included in the
term Sound Art we can find Sound Installations, Sound Sculptures, Live
Electronics, Soundscapes, Sound Poetry, rather than electroacoustic
compositions and multimedia environments.

The works that will be presented in this exhibition will draw a “non
canonical” artistic path, to raise awareness of additional instances, often
not considered by the “beautiful” or "amazing" art that often today in a
rearguard path aiming to the massification of taste, take over. In a hyper-
connected world, where we often overlook the essence, and which affect
us with strong and pervasive retinal and auditory stimuli, this exhibition
wants to create "an oasis of reflection", outside the context of mass
culture or the elite, but inside the "seething" strand of research and

The invited artists in VISITAZIONI, with their proposals, will range along
the wide spectrum of Sound Art, each with its own original path, but
always starting from the primary instances of research on sound and its
interaction with humans. To do this, they use the most diverse tools and
explore areas of research that will go from the use of unconventional
sound 'sources and materials, to the study on the interaction between
sound and look, from the interdisciplinary research involving music,
poetry and visual art to the creation of "new tools" that use matter and
technology in a creative way, to the musical compositions that, starting
from the radicalization of the sign and the musical gesture, come to
invest the deeper areas and the most spiritual aspects of human nature.

All artists will be present to the evenings, which will be introduced by the
curators Giovanni Antognozzi and Antonello Colimberti.

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