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"10 perturbazioni..." is an installation-composition in which a microphone
begins to resume, in continuous recording, the sound external to the
room (place) of listening.
Subsequent treatments of the starting sound material (with subsequent
diffusions of the "treated" sound) go to make up an informational circle:
the sound produces information, information produces other sound that is
in turn analyzed and so on. In the installation the sound is projected
employing some mini-direct induction diffusers, which make the surface
with which they are in contact vibrate. In this way the sound is "colored"
by the specific type of surface (resonant) material. The work is designed
to interact with any sound expression detectable in the environment, thus
including any musicians that establish a sound and behavior related to
the operating system.
It is a site-specific work as it depends in a structural way by the type of
sound that occurs outside-inside of the place of listening; It is also room-
dependent because the result is strongly influenced by the materials and
the acoustic characteristics of the place itself.

Stefano Zorzanello, musician and researcher born in Vicenza in 1969.
He has long lived in Bologna, where he completed his university studies
(DAMS) and in Rome, carrying out intense musical activities, playing in
various written and improvised music contexts. In '97 and '98 also he
worked as a “music operator” in the Bologna prison "La Dozza". He has
conducted research in Australia, Portugal, Italy, and made for Rai Radio3
various audio documentaries. It has recorded about twenty CDs under
his own name or as an instrumentalist. His own compositions were
performed by: Mistress, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Fastilio, Eva Kant
Ensemble, Symphonic Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, the
Arena di Verona Orchestra Instrumentalists, Playground Ensemble. He
has authored several essays dedicated to the theme of listening ambient
sound, published in several magazines and international conference
proceedings. Currently he lives in Catania, where in recent years he is
interested in environmental music, acoustic ecology and soundscape. In
the field of sound art and interactive installations-his compositions have
been presented and exhibited in Italy and abroad.
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